The main focus of the company is the development and application of technologies for making living and working environments more beautiful, providing a higher quality of living, as well as the unconditional protection of the environment.

We have been contacted by one of the leading producers of materials for finishing works in construction industry in this region, under the condition to use their old logo and the mascot (which was designed more than 20 years ago), which made things a bit more difficult to us. Again, we used our favorite approach to painting with tempera, to achieve texture that reminded on house facade.

Studio Trkulja created a new id, stationery and the complete Internet presentation.


p.s. An interesting information is that the company has been present for more than 20 years, all the time without any Internet presentation. This is one more proof that the quality and a lower price find its way to a consumer. Congratulations!!!


Some of the photos we made in their facility




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