Old places. New destinations.

The world entered the New Century thanks to the people of new age, adventurers and explorers, who were ready to give their lives in order to discover new, unexplored places and worlds.

Now, in the 21st century, when it seems that there is nothing more to learn, we need people of new age, both adventurers and explorers, to discover not new sites, but new destinations, using new technologies, media and creativity.

Tens of young people from all over the world are gathered around GLOBAL ADVENTURE MEETING, representing a new generation of travel writers, or “travel bloggers”, from all the meridians. Their common role is tourism branding of destinations and presenting places, sites, people, events and travel writings on the Internet and social networks.

A fabulous project we took part in. A new identity was created including custom type logo.
Our thanks goes to Dalibor Momcilovic and Milos Andjelic for their help 🙂

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