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More than 2000 pictures was needed to liven up all the products, while we ate 87 kilos of pure magic during the entire project!

The founders of the “Carolija” pastry workshop have come with the requirement to have a different Internet presentation. When the pastry was tried, we realized that we were really eating magic; therefore we decided to liven up all the products using stop motion method on green screen(chroma key). Every product was inspired by a character from our lives, for example: a roll with carefully selected seeds is devoted to our favourite guitar player Billy Gibbons from ZZTop .

Special thanks to:
Milan Jovanovic: Light design
Sava Botic: Great music :)



4 thoughts on “THE MAGIC OF PASTRY

  1. Pozdrav Mladene,
    Jovan je sa faxa. Znam da si i pre radio super prezentacije ali sad sam stvarno ostao bez teksta. Bas je super sajt. Sa kojim aparatom ste slikali ta peciva koja su na chroma key-u?

  2. Ovo je najbolji sajt koji sam video u Srbiji, bas ste me nasmejali. Preterano.
    Inace, jedem cesto u Caroliji i peciva su extra.

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